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The Future of Medicine 

We are one of Western Canada's most advanced Health and Wellness Centers offering treatment based Functional Medical Programs, Direct Neurofeedback, PRP Joint Therapy and a wide variety of Medical Aesthetic Services.  

Our mission is to change how people recover from disease and poor health. We believe that you must treat the person, by understanding the root cause of their illness, not merely masking the symptoms.  We work with all of our clients individually to achieve their optimal state of well-being,  

Check us out and get in touch if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Direct Neurofeedback

Direct Neurofeedback is a revolutionary technique for helping the brain to get out of dysfunctional brainwave patterns, while restoring optimal brain function. 

Our clinic offers a select range of aesthetic services in a professional and cleanly environment.  All treatments are performed by our 20-year veteran esthetician.